Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chivalry needs no teaching, no preaching

A few years ago, I came across a rich human being in rags. He was a poor rikshawpuller. An accident took place on the main road near my house and a little school boy was badly hurt. His right leg was injured and he was bleeding profusely. The kid was crying pitiably. The crowd started gathering around him without any intention of helping him. I was also on my way to college. Seeing no one in a mood to take any initiative to help that seriously injured kid, I immediately lifted the child safely and carefully in my arms, picked up a reikshaw and rushed to the hospital. Fortunately the hospital was not over crowded by that time and the best possible medical help was given to the child at once . After that when I came out of the ward to pay off to the reikshawwalla, to my great surprise, he refused to take any money, instead, he gave me a small bottle of juice that he brought from near by shop for the child. Futher making me speechless, he, with immense compassion said -

"Madam, I won't take a single pie. The child should get well that would be my reward. I am praying for him with all my heart."

Needless to say, I was immensely overwhelmed by his humaneness and chivalry. Though I was quite insistent but he did not take the money. By that time a nurse came over and asked me to inform child's parent as he wanted to be with them . On having heard about kid's improving condition, the rikshawpuller was all relaxed and went away with a spark of relief in his eyes.

To leave even one time little earning, was really brave and generous on the part of that poor fellow. Not only this, to be caring enough to bring the juice for the injured child showed his wisdom and large heartedness . He left an indelible impression on my heart. While on the other hand, in our society, there are lot of well off persons who have no heart to spend money in the hour of need. They have given their hearts to a sordid boon so much that they can't even speak a good word or even can not pray for the person in trouble.
Of course , that ragamuffin was a real gem of a person or I should say, a real angel in disguise !!

Indian Parenting is the ‘Best’

Sometimes proper guidance, attention, lot of hard work and timely help of
parents is mistaken as ''interference'' or ''domination''. India is a land, not
only of milk and honey but also of love and care. Parents love and care
their children specially upto their 'teens' - the most vulnerable, delicate
and formative phase of life. The grounding of children by their parents
is done carefully step by step in a process - in a very natural way. That
doesn't mean that are restricted to move around and move out or parents
follow them as a shadow. Parents make aware them of commonly possible
mishappenings, dangers, and keep a caring watch to shield them from
misfortunes. Even the children may fall in trouble and can be the victim of
scary incidents. At such moments, parents give them required support to
come out of the darkness of shock ,depression, and frustration and show
them the right & bright path to step ahead.

The simple and wise norm of Indian culture is - '' first give roots to the
children and things to fly ''. Their are some children, who don't listen
to their parents. Instead of grounding themselves, they start flying, such
immature children frequently be seen trapped in the web of calamities,
complicated problems and grave situations, as a result they are hurt
and injured. But the percentage of these children is less in India.

So in India, in its culture certain parameters, some helpful, beneficial
boundaries are drawn to make children aware and wise only at their
teens. After that phase, they pushed forward to walk their way on
their own. Still in their journey many hardships, small & big difficulties
hindrances keep erupting, children face them, tackle them, make their
way, choose the turns and points on the journey of life. During the journey
if ever they require some help and support - parents give them all
happily. Children have all the right on parents for this reason. Thus they
grow and achieve their goals. Children once grown - up, they take their
own decisions and opt for lot many things on their own after they pass
through their teens.They achieve one goal, then they focus the another one,
opting and leaving, going up & coming down achieving success & facing
failures. All these things - their activities, nature's activities, co -ordination
between the two - one may call it God's creation, world, cosmos, our silent
and inner, open and outer interaction with it - keep children grow each
moment, each day, making them more wise, mature and grounded.

This parental care, loving guidance is often criticized, mocked at or alleged
as ''domination'' or making children dependant or crepilled. But all these
allegations against the great, wonderful and soulful practice since the Vedic
period in India from generation to generation is life granting panacea.
Parental warmth, love and care keep flowing till the last breath and
remains as a strong moral support to the children. That is why in India
you will find less early depression cases, less schizophrenic cases and less
suicide cases in comparison to West.

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