Thursday, October 6, 2011


Walls tell a story of their own

They absorb the vibrations & rays

of the people living within them

They soak deep the emotions

the sentiments, expressed

in their presence.

Day to day happenings

good or bad incidents

get etched on them !

They become one with the people

who live with them .

They become people's part

and people become their part .

Walls reflect smiles & laughter

tears and disaster .

They project sanity & insanity

They reflect much - much more

only our heart can understand

their language.

With each passing day, they

become old , hackneyed and

mysterious !

Their grave silence allures the

onlooker, they grip their heart

and soul and whisper coolly

all that - they went through.

So, no doubt, walls are great

They have imprints of bygone

days, tales of generations,

griefs and despair of the aged

enjoyment and festivity of


Walls, long live walls !

Even, when they get old

and porous and they start

falling down, still they continue

to stand, how they manage to

stand and stay for ages…!!


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