Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inner Journey

"Inner Journey"
Have you ever been on a journey with yourself
If not, do it , and travel all the places inside you
Don’t leave any place, any space, unseen and untouched !!
You would love to stay at lovely places,but, would try to
Escape from ugly places……!
If lovely spots inside you , make you swell,
the ugly spots would make you shrink !
But ugly spots, though ugly , have their own utility;
They don’t let you lose your balance & equilibrium,
Never forget, the same way , if good things have a positive side,
they have their negative side also.....!!
They create an imbalance in you
they make you, arrogant and egoist….

They blow your senses………!!
While the ugly places,ugly points, your weaknesses
in you, keep you close to the ground ,
Such an inner journey is essential for you
to revive your thoughtfulness , your wisdom ,
your senses , your goodness…..!!
If the modest & humble human being ,
Ever sleeps in you, do this journey………!!
It is no less than a pilgrimage
It takes away all the garbage of ego , conceit
cruelty, coldness and harshness…..!
It purifies you, it filters you
Makes you feel healthy !
Cleans your thinking, clears your vision…!
Softens your sharp edges.
Awakens your humbleness
And keeps the human being alive in you……!!

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