Sunday, April 10, 2011

Power of Positive Sentiments

Positive sentiments hide amazing power. They do wonders - they grant life, strength and what not ! Love, care and protectiveness are 3 powerful sentiments that can transform lives miraculously. Being protective means that we care for the person and are always there to Support her / him in the hour of need. We can be caring and protective from distance also. Giving moral support, talking positive things, making aware about dangers, showing and discussing positive & constructive ways, providing feasible help - in terms of financial or any other required help - can be our protective and caring gestures and actions for the person we love and care for.. Same way love is a part or another form of protectiveness and care. It doesn't harm anyone instead it boosts up the morale of the other person, makes him / her feel strong, fills with lots of confidence and enthusiasm. Love, care and protectivity - these positive sentiments are so lofty, pious and serene - that they instill life & energy in a person and inspire him to face the calamities bravely with a heart strong and to move ahead steadily. At times, another person may feel that s / he has got dependent because of the care and love of the guardian. But the reality is far far away. These positive gestures and time to time help never make a person dependent or crippled. Had the person in need, not got that care and protective touches at the crucial times, s /he might become insecure, shaky for ever, due to scary phases, stress and unpleasant burdens. At such scary moments if a person is left alone without any soft and caring touch - s/ he may suffer from lack of confidence, indecisiveness, and other unforeseen psychological problems. If a person is by birth carries lack of confidence, insecurity and vulnerability, these things lessen upto a great extent with love and care. They might have intensified, had there been no loving and caring support at the required times. Reactions of love, care and protectiveness are always positive and life granting. Lots of results and reactions count on the recipient too - not only on the doner or giver. As the ''rain drop'' of ''Swati nakshtra'' is a divine, positive thing. It transforms into different forms as per the quality and reaction of the receiver on the earth. When this rain drop falls on a banana leaf, it turns into a camphor, when it drops in the mouth of snake, it becomes poison and if it falls in a sea shell, it transforms into a pearl. So the doner or giver is simply showering love and care as per the other person's requirement. God gives us love and protection, now it is upto us, how we use and utilize it. So the pious and positive sentiments and gestures should never be questioned or blamed. They are for betterment, surgence and strength, never harm anybody.

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