Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life is exuberant, it is beautiful if we live it consciously, receiving its wise messages, protective warnings and great experiences which help us grow into a perfect person. For example :

1) Life often says – ‘ learn from Nature to grow, survive and be deep rooted’. But we hardly listen to beautiful & rich Nature around us.

2) A small plant takes years to grow into a tree. It is never in a hurry. Because hurried efforts never give long lasting results. A tiny, small, delicate plant first learns to set it roots (feet) deep in the earth, in the soil. This root setting procedure takes time, but once it is done, all the nature’s richness gets ready to embrace that ‘deep rooted plant’. And then its fabulous growth starts day by day. By night, by day it gradually keeps growing & growing and one day, we see it full of soft green branches, leaves. Still its journey doesn’t stop. It continues. And again the other day, we notice that small flowers have covered it. After it, the next growth in the form of fruits all over the tree fascinates us . So finally that small plant reaps the great result of its steady growth. Now the process of having new leaves, foliage, flowers & fruits every year continues for years. This is called full growth. The tree survives because of its initial bottom journey into the soil, earth first. Then finishing the bottom journey properly and with utter patience, its journey to upper side takes place unbarred. Its high upward branches seem like touching the sky. So we must learn how to grow properly and fully from the Nature’s this part – called ‘TREE’.
3) Nature often tells us - ‘Failure or to be unsuccessful at times - is the part of life, but every unsuccessful effort hides the rays of success’
But we hardly listen to beautiful & rich Nature around us. See the rising sun in the east every day, but at the end of the day, it goes down, it sinks, sets at the horizon. The setting of sun in the evening daily conveys us that tomorrow it will rise with a fresh morning, fill the world with sunshine, make everyone lively & chirpy. So sinking and rising - is the cycle of life. One should not be dishearten when one goes down = faces failures because coming times do have bright & sunny days in the store for us.

4) Summer, winter, rains, fall and spring, these all seasons also convey us secretly wise message. Our life can never be the same. Ups and downs keeps on gripping our life. If happiness is required in life, so the grief too is required to relish the joy of happiness. For its continuous growth, it has to pass through rough & nice phases one after another, so we must keep our patience. May be, as if God tests our patience, our capacity to face the troubles with a smile and of course , with a hope of gorgeous time ahead. We all have hot, sweating, uneasy time in the ‘Summer’. But it is not for ever, slowly it passes away. Then arrives the ‘ Rainy season’ with lots & lots of cool showers to take away the heat and dryness. The earth that got dry in the hot summer days, is run over by velvety greenery all around. Rivers, rivulets, ponds, lakes all get brim full with water. Life seems happy and relieved from the harsh heat .And then cool and quiet ‘Winter’ rolls in. We feel at ease , enjoy the snowy time with a cuppa of hot tea and coffee, relishing cookies and so on. Having continuously two months of flourishing richness in many different ways, the turn of ‘Fall season’ comes. In past two months Nature gives us so much to face the future troubles strongly and bravely that we hardly mind the roughness of ‘fall’ season. Fall season full of dry winds takes away all the leaves and flowers from the lush green trees. Earth is full of dry leaves & figs all over. But nature speaks silently and gives us the message of coming ‘Spring’. When all the trees stand naked - leafless & lifeless, they have no charm, no colour, no beauty - Spring sets in with the bunch of colourful bud, leaves & flowers. Soft fragrance of different flowers fills the atmosphere, colourful migrated tiny cute birds chirp non stop - making the nature’s ambience melodious, lively and lovely. Spring shields the nature with its exuberance, magical charm and lavish beauty. So, thus nature whispers in our ears - never ever mind the rough and lonely phases of life like ‘Fall season’ because ‘Fall’ takes away the old leaves and flowers & makes space for the newones. Every action, every event in Nature and Life has its reason - if it takes, it give us too. We should therefore keep our patience and keep trying, putting our best and the day will come rushing to us to make us successful, lively and joyous again. But we must learn to be modest & humble to survive the achievements, our success. It should not go in our head. So take up the small & big success modestly, the same way take the small & big failure also, modestly and never lose heart.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind………..

Every dark cloud has a silver lining………..

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