Tuesday, March 2, 2010

‘’ World has gone too far from values & culture’’
Condemning & criticizing the ‘’right’’ action of Aligarh Muslim University against the alleged professor Dr. Srinivas Ramchandra Siras speaks the rotten attitude of the society of 21st centuary. LGBT (Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual,Transgender ) community all flared up and poured out its venom against the justified findings by AMU and its action thereupon. If LGBT can adopt a lifestyle going against the natural course of society and Nature and justify its unnatural demands, why can’t the other part of society ( AMU or any other organization, institute etc) justify its ‘Morally & Legally Right’ action as per the age old social norms and rules against the culprit ?
Put the issue of homosexuality aside – the grave charge that emerges against the professor is – sexually abusing a poor rickshaw-puller under the pretext of ‘’Consensual sex’’. How poor a person is, he can not happily compromise with such an abuse. It’s his compelling plight and poverty that pushes him to accept such an ugly offer . In that situation how can LGBT or Naaz foundation call it ‘’Consensual sex’’ ? Taking the advantage of a person’s poverty and helplessness if an offender is abusing that meek victim - how it can be defined as ‘’Consensual sex’’…?? At least I would call it a Crime and sheer injustice to the subjugated person, camouflaging the ugly reality.
1) In view of above first of all , professor’s activity is a crime as per the university’s statutes.
2) It is a heinous unpardonable crime as it was not ‘’Consensual sex’’.
3) As the professor does not belong to LGBT community / category, then his abusive activity is the most culpable offence as holding a responsible post a person’s involvement with shameful activities questions his accountability towards his institution and society.
4) A case of 420 is also applicable on the professor - posing himself what he is not actually. Means he has been cheating the institute, posing himself to be a decent and nice individual while he is just the opposite.
5) In absence of consensuality, section 6, 376, 377 of IPC are also applicable .
6) Professor not only violated the statutes of university , but of the society also. Hence his crime is just the double.
7) If LGBT community points out that personal life has nothing to do with the professional life. I agree but still there is a limit of everything. If a person’s personal life breaks the barriers of ‘’humanity’’ - it will definitely leave its negative impression on its professional life as well as on social life . Because personal, professional, social facets are co-related. They unavoidably influence each other. Leading one’s life at his/her own will, doesn’t permit any citizen to spoil the dignity of the institute / organization - he is working for, as well as of the society - he has been living in. S/he is expected to realize some unquoted moral duties towards society and her/his workplace.
LGBT community’s shouts and blasts against AMU’s ‘’morally and legally Right’’ action - unfolds its insecurity and fear of losing its newly established status. LGBTs are taking this case as a threat to their existence. Some where along the line, they are scared to think that if age old society can part into various fragments, so can their newly born tiny society too. So this feeling of insecurity is making LGBT community shaky and panicky. The fear of losing their recent socially and legally recognized status is echoing more in their shouts and outrage rather than the concern for that professor. It seems that professor has become the forum for LGBT community and its support NGOs for their fortification.
AMU must take its stand firmly and stick to its justified action . It should not be overpowered and clouded by LGBT’s illogical allegations. LGBTs should mind their own business & let the university do its duties. Who gave them the right to interfere with the university administration? Under section 290 of IPC, LGBT community and howling NGO’s can be questioned and punished for creating nuisance.
Delhi High court in its landmark judgment only decriminalized ‘’homosexuality’’ last year, making it possible for two consenting same sex adults to have sex. It has not declared it a moral and decent activity.
I wonder, how LGBT can declare that professor’s activity as ‘’Consensual sex’’ without having - the statement of rickshaw-puller, without scanning the details of both the sides ? How LGBTs can jump to one sided conclusions ? So first of all the required details should be crystallized, then the action of AMU be judged as illegal or legal.
No university easily or rashly suspends any of its employees unless or until s/he repeatedly gives enough grounds to take stern action against him/her. There is definitely a parameter to ignore one’s misconduct. When it starts influencing the institute negatively and brings shame, institute is compelled to take action as per the gravity of misconduct.
In today’s scenario this trend of small newly generated special groups, communities and their support NGOs of creating fuss against an immoral thing has become a fashion & regular practice. Without giving a second thought they start shouting and chiding . No doubt, this is very very immature on their part.
For their information, in a govt, semi-govt and autonomous institutes an aspirant has to declare its status whether - Married, Unmarried, man, Woman. I feel in future all the govt and pvt organizations and companies will have to add one new column in their prescribed form whether the candidate is LGBT ?
It will be better for the sake of healthy society that individuals, small groups, communities must give a second thought to their objections, statements and outrage before they pour it out hurriedly on others - specially brick by brick built up dignified institution like AMU. Our age old reputed universities all over India must unite to counter the irresponsible gestures of thoughtless communities and maintain their quality statutes and academic fabric untainted.

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