Friday, October 2, 2009

Love's Ecstasy

An icy wind whipping across
the grey water of the lake
Rain poured solidly
Rainy season was her delight
She loved to sit by the lake side
Tossing pebbles in the water
Probably reliving her past or
reshaping her future .
Cool wind ruffled her hair
made her cold but filled her
heart with a rare warmth !
That was the strange thing
She had never before wanted
life to rush along
She always savoured it
lingering over the lively bits.
She had never minded
the dullest period
nor longed for it to pass.
And here she is longing
for days to be done
months to be over, year to pass
her thoughts seem to belong to him
who has been for her a piece of luck
a thing of happiness
a touch of warmth in this cold world
And she thought of him
amidst the very calm & peaceful setting
she thought of him and wished him
all the best there is .
A feeling of wonder & gratefulness
overcame her
as she sat amidst nature
she felt glad that she knew him
and they are friends.
In that tender cool evening
se wished him joys and
oceans of happiness
and felt thankful that
somewhere along the line
She met him and they grew close !

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